Oasis for Spiritual Harmony


A life in harmony can be reached by exploring the relationship between physical symptoms and their connections to a spiritual or mental background, by uncovering hidden family secrets and releasing them, by developing radical honesty in all relationships and by letting go of all masks when dealing with fellow humans.


With our support, you can achieve the changes necessary to improve your well-being. We will help you resolve conflicts and create harmony both within your self and with the people you surround yourself with.


The time has come – a time of joy, of vibrancy and of change.


For a future of humanity!

Who we are


Cornelia Meßmer                            Konstantin Meßmer

       *1967                                                     *1956            


     grown up                                                 grown up

   in Berlin, living                              in Mosbach/Baden, living

in Sweden since 2012                      in Sweden since 2006


It is our passion to help you find a way out of crisis. In order to do so, we will show you various paths towards your solutions by using the methods described below.


We use the term “soul” for everything non-material that is part of our self: consciousness, emotions and thoughts. We know that we humans are creative beings who bring material reality to life through our thoughts and imagination. Thus it is our goal to establish harmony in our energy field which then allows both our bodily functions and our relationships with others to unfold in harmonious and orderly ways.


We welcome everyone who wants to experience this kind of harmony.

Family Constellations


Usually, we offer constellation work for groups.


The elements of such a constellation process are:

1) a topic, i.e. a problem, a personal conflict, a bodily symptom, a desire or wish…

2) a representative for the topic, generally a member of the group who has volunteered to participate in the constellation

3) an open field of information from which the representative can draw thoughts and emotions

4) a facilitator who unlocks the field of information and holds the space for the group.


By choosing a representative for their topic, the person with the topic becomes an observer of the process. In addition to the representative of the topic, other elements pertaining to it can be added to the constellation. By carefully shifting positions and observing the results, a solution can be gradually revealed.


Family Constellations are often successful because all topics have their origin in the family of the person who carries them. Loss, abortion, sexual or emotional abuse and hidden family secrets are often barriers to a life lived to its full potential.



Tibetian Singing Bowls


Cornelia is a member of the International Association of Sound Massage Therapy and uses Tibetian singing bowls for her work.


The sounds a fetus hears inside the womb are the first impressions of the outside world. This is why sound has such a profound effect on the soul and can serve as a tool to reconnect a human with the primal trust they experienced as a child.


Under the influence of Tibetian singing bowls, both body and soul can relax, releasing stress in a most gentle way. Pain and tension can ease or disappear, while the vibration of the body reaches a higher frequency. Sound therapy can also be used to support concurrent physiotherapy.


During a session of sound therapy, special hand-made singing bowls rich in harmonics are placed on the body of a client and struck. Hearing and feeling the vibrations of the bowls in the body increases both bodily awareness and a patient’s self-healing powers. After a session, the client’s experience is discussed in a follow-up conversation.



Inner World Exploration

is our term for the conscious journey into subconscious and repressed experiences that might have an effect on the current state of being. These journeys can uncover links and origins of dis-ease that are not accessible to the conscious mind.


Beginning with a relaxing meditation, the client is guided into their inner world. During the session, the client learns to deal with the images, emotions and repressed memories they encounter and to change them through a specific communication technique. As a result, we can release conflicts, nightmares and traumas and shift the emotional state to hope, commitment and joy.


Often, pain and depression are the reason to begin such inner work.


A session can last up to three hours and won’t end until it feels complete.



EFT Tapping


The abbreviation EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique which was developed by Gary Craig. Gently tapping on specific acupuncture points releases blockages to the flow of the body’s life energy, thus easing or even completely eliminating tension, physical or spiritual pain.





are a stunning (oh!) set of cards with both words and images, from which a client draws one of each. The images and terms on the cards trigger associations with those inner topics which might be needed for the solution of a conflict or symptom. The tangible experience of working with these cards reveals the wisdom of the soul and the power of intuition.